Children are taught phonics, following Education Endowment Foundation guidance, using Letters and Sounds and Flying with Phonics.

Pupil attainment and progress through the phonic stages is recorded at the end of each year in Key Stage 1 (and for children who still need phonics input in Key Stage 2).

Phonics screening test results

In 2019 84.6% of all year1 pupils met expected standard for the phonics screening test (above nation

Phonics progress 2019

In 2019 87% of pupils left reception at phase 3 Phonics and above, 59% were working within phase 4 and above (24% higher than last year), 13% are already working in Phase 5. This is possibly the effect of our introduction of the ‘ Flying with Phonics' scheme this year. In year 1 88% of children are at Phase 5 and in year 2 67% of children are working at Phase 6.