House System

Here at Bassingbourn Primary, we are very proud of the house point and team system, where by children are allocated into one of four houses (Romans, Normans, Saxons and Vikings).

Children are then awarded house points for a range of reasons: for academic achievement and progress, effort and attainment, behaviour and manners, helpfulness, home learning projects or representing school in sporting or their conduct in other off-site activities. In addition to this, we run house competitions throughout the year, designed and implemented by the house captains.

The house captains are made up of Year 6 children who, at the start of the year in September, must write a letter and sit a formal interview with a staff member, stating why they feel they would be a good choice as house captain. House captains are then chosen and presented to the school. As part of the wider curriculum at Bassingbourn we understand the importance of providing more opportunities for our older pupils to take responsibility and develop leadership skills.

We hold a wide variety of competitions throughout the year such as writing competitions, art and craft making, sporting events as well as maths and reading challenges to ensure that all children can participate and have the chance to shine and earn points for their house.

Children are updated weekly in whole school assemblies on which house has the most points thus far. At the end of each term the house with the most points wins a house celebration event to reward and treat their efforts for the term.