Service Families

We are committed to ensuring the best provision for forces pupils and determine to working alongside military families to ensure we meet social and pastoral needs. We appreciate and wish to celebrate the unique contribution that these pupils bring to our school and ensure that the wider school community share in this knowledge.

We are keen to liaise regularly with military personnel and forces families so as to understand challenges / aims and to help us provide high quality tailored provision through the use of the Service Pupil Premium funding. Bassingbourn Primary School receives an annual payment of £300 per military pupil.

The government has published guidance on how the Service Pupil Premium must be spent. It explains:

  • The Service Pupil Premium is there for schools to provide mainly pastoral support for service children.
  • Schools have flexibility over how they use the Service Pupil Premium. The funding could be spent on providing a variety of means of support including counselling services, nurture groups etc.
  • SPP should not be used to subsidise routine school activity (trips etc.) however schools may choose to fund school trips just for service children (to help them enjoy their time at school and build a sense of wider community) or to help them cope with the potential strains of military life.

The school is accountable for sharing information about how the combined funds received are spent. Each child has an individual passport which records academic progress / pastoral need and funded support received - this can be shared with new schools when pupils move on. Each year a report is published online (school website) detailing the use of additional funding. It is not a requirement that £300 be spent overtly on each child; but that the combined spends are spent in the best way to enhance pastoral support in the most effective way. Funds may be spent on supporting service children when they arrive at a new school or on parent support advisors to work with pupils or families when they move into the area.

Reporting the use of Service Pupil Premium Funding

For more information about how we support service families, please contact our Service Pupil Premium Champion

Applying for a School Place at Bassingbourn Primary

If you receive a posting order to move to Bassingbourn during the next few months, please be assured that as Key Workers, your application will still be processed by the Cambridgeshire Admissions Team.

If you are due to arrive over the summer, therefore requiring a place for Years 1 - 6 in September, please log on to their website and follow the instructions:

In-year admissions - Cambridgeshire County Council

If your child will be starting school in Reception in September, please use the following link. At the bottom of the page is the blue button 'Click to apply (online late admissions form)':

Primary: reception, junior or middle school admissions - Cambridgeshire County Council

If you are likely to require a place before September, please email the admissions team directly, with as much information as you can give them:

Please also email the school office so that we can prepare for your arrival and support you through the process should you require it:

We look forward to welcoming your family into our school in the near future.

To contact us in school:
Service Families Leads: Vicky Green - via
Telephone: 01763 242460