Headteachers’ Letter

Hello and welcome to our school
Dear Children,
If you are a pupil at our school or you might soon become one, we’d like you to know that you are the reason we do this job! We think children are the most important people on this planet because you will be the ones who go on to shape the world. When we were your age, we loved school and we want you to love it even more! We believe that all children have so much wonder and potential and our mission is to help you see that and to release it. Maybe you have dreams of becoming an artist, an author, an engineer, a sports person a gamer or something else entirely. Maybe you have dreams and plans way beyond what we can imagine.
We think there are so many wonderful things about our school but we also know that its important we keep learning and keep getting better! Here we have our own outdoor heated swimming pool, we have a special room for science and DT, we have a cookery room, a music room, and we have a building full of wonderful adults who aim to make learning exciting and challenging. We also have the most super children!
If you aren’t already part of our family, we would love for you to join us at BCPS!
Mrs Coles


Dear Adults,

We believe educators are in hugely privileged positions. Time and time again, we have both witnessed the power education has to transform lives. Every day, we have the wonderful opportunity to shape and grow each and every one of our pupils.

The children of today will go on to lead us in the future and we want them to do so with respect for themselves, each other and the planet, a sense of togetherness and a passion for life-long learning. We take this responsibility seriously and we aim to make our pupils’ school days the very best of their lives.

At Bassingbourn Community Primary School, we are one team where everyone is valued for the uniqueness they bring. We aim for all of our pupils to leave us, armed with the wonder, joy, respect and empowerment need to thrive in the wider world.

We are on a journey, together, one where we are all learners - adults and children alike. We will continue to grow each and every day.

Mrs Coles